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Reign Lashes | Soho | Glue on 3D Luxury Mink Lashes

Reign Lashes | Soho | Glue on 3D Luxury Mink Lashes

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Experience eye-catching glamour with these 3D Glue-on Mink Lashes from Reign Lashes! Perfect for any occasion, Soho will add intensity to your look with its voluminous, full-bodied design. Adorned with dense clusters of soft, feathery mink fibers, these long-lasting lashes will stay in place all day with their easy-to-apply glue. Soho will take your beauty game to the next level!

Natural Vibe 

Uses: Up to 30 uses

Material: Premium Mink

Effect: Sporadic placement, varying wispy lengths ranging in length

Volume: ⅓

Length: 12mm-13mm

*To ensure customer safety and hygiene, all lash sales are final.


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